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When you say somebody is like family, I think that it’s somebody that you’re emotionally invested in. When you say that you treat your patients like they are family, you emotionally make a decision for them as far as wanting the best outcome for them.

Kristina Rowe, FNP-BC, Family Medical Centers

Kristina Rowe, FNP-BC

Family Nurse Practioner, Family Medical Centers

Kristina Rowe is a family Nurse Practitioner from Cleveland, Ohio. A resident of Ohio all her life, having gone to school in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Ashland, Rowe came to the Tri-State Area in 1999 to proudly serve her new community.

Rowe has strong feelings about mental health and plans to use her pediatrics background to help discover risks at an earlier age. She feels that her patients are members of her family and takes time to follow up on referrals, medicine, and general well being of every patient she treats. Rowe feels very strongly about making a difference in the community.

Rowe completed her undergraduate degree at Ashland University, graduate degree from Ohio University, and is currently completing her Mental Health certification from Wilkes University.

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