Jennifer Gibson, FNP-BC

Family Care

Patient input is everything. Knowledge is power, and my job is to provide the knowledge, the options, for care. Of course, a lot of patients would like my input, and I give that, but ultimately it's their decision about the steps they’re willing to take to heal.

Jennifer Gibson, FNP-BC
Family Nurse Practioner, Family Medical Centers

Jennifer Gibson is a patient-focused Nurse Practitioner who looks at the whole patient, not just the issue she's treating. A Cincinnati native, Gibson has grown to call the Tri-State home. She greatly enjoys the ability to spend nearly every day helping those in her community.

Gibson didn't come from a medical family, but knew nursing was something she always wanted to do. She focuses on family practice, treating a wide variety of patients. Gibson believes patients play a key role in their health, and works hard to help patients understand how they can make the right choices toward healthy living.

Gibson received her bachelor's degree from the University of Rio Grande, and her Family Nurse Practitioner degree from Ohio University.

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