Mary Beth Blankenship, FNP-BC

Family Care

We have a responsibility to each other to really care about each other and do what we can. I think it's a two way street. It’s the relationship between the professionals and the patient to become one unit to work together for a successful outcome.

Mary Beth Blankenship, FNP-BC
Family Nurse Practitioner, Family Medical Centers Family Care

Mary Beth Blankenship is a family Nurse Practitioner from Lawrence County, Ohio, with more than 40 years in nursing. She loved growing up in Appalachia, and is proud to serve the community she calls home.

Blankenship chose to continue her education and become a Nurse Practitioner after 30 years in the nursing field. She feels a strong connection with those she treats, and wanted to take a larger role in the care of her patients. Blankenship feels growing up in the Tri-State has given her an insider's perspective on the unique issues facing the area, and she enjoys being able to use her medical knowledge to help those in her community.

Blankenship received her nursing diploma from King's Daughters School of Nursing, bachelor's degree from Ohio University and master's degree and Nurse Practitioner certification from Marshall University.

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