Tammy King, FNP-BC

Family Care

I provide care for the whole family, and I treat the patient like I would treat my daughter – with respect and caring. I am here for them. They can call anytime to get an appointment, I’m not going to turn them away, I'll fit them in.

Tammy King, FNP-BC
Family Nurse Practitioner, Family Medical Centers Family Care

Tammy King is a driven nurse practitioner who believes getting to know her patients leads to better health care. King grew up in northern West Virginia, in the small town of Grafton. She doesn't remember the exact moment she wanted to be a Nurse, just that it’s all she's ever wanted to be.

King has experienced nursing at every level, starting her career just after receiving her associate's degree and is now working as a Nurse Practitioner. She also serves as a volunteer instructor for Marshall University's nursing program, allowing students to learn from her as she works. King enjoys her role as a Nurse Practitioner, which allows her the chance to not just see individual patients, but also be the caregiver for entire families.

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